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SMART GIRLS — Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Sonoma County partnered with Threads for Teens on an event that’s aimed to promote education and self-esteem enhancement for girls ages 8 to 18. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Sonoma County partnered with Threads for Teens to create an event for Healdsburg and Cloverdale girls and their friends.

The SMART Girls program of Boys & Girls Clubs is a small-group prevention, education and self-esteem enhancement program to meet the developmental needs of girls spanning ages 8 to 18. For these Healdsburg and Cloverdale teens, the needs met were friendship, fun and fashion.  Members and their friends were invited for a night of pampering at the Healdsburg Boys & Girls Club.

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Kylie Blackwell and Grason Guest participated in the activities.

The event was full of fun and frivolity as attendees shared snacks, crafted bath bombs, ate DIY ice cream and played silly games galore. 

“We loved partnering with another local nonprofit to make so much fun for our members and their friends.” Area Director Jade Weymouth said. “We are all so dedicated to the young people of our communities and the partnership with Threads for Teens is another way we were able to serve.”

The night was an opportunity to hang out, meet other local teens and shop for new shoes, clothes and makeup for spring.

“That was amazing, my favorite part is the new shoes that I got” club member Rebecca said.

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Rebecca Herman of Cloverdale participated in the program.

The Boys & Girls Club regularly supports youth initiatives throughout the year. This initiative, Threads for Teens, is a nonprofit led each year by students and dedicated to helping young girls build their self-esteem and confidence through gifts of clothing, support and education.

 “It was amazing to see how excited each of them were when helping them pick out new clothing that they loved,” said Bella Silveira, senior at Cardinal Newman and Threads for Teens organizer.

“Ten out of 10,” club member Caprice said, “I liked meeting new Healdsburg girls, and I got some cool new clothes.” 

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