Hector M. Ortega of Phoenix, Arizona has exhibited numerous times in Cloverdale. For the 2020-22 trail, the sculpture “Symbiotic Entanglement” is a joint effort by Ortega and Taryn Moore, also of Phoenix. The sculpture consists of a series of fabricated sculptural elements derived from a number of conversations, drawing by Ortega and Moore as in an effort to push their artistic endeavors and entangle their different styles into a dynamic and symbiotic sculptural form.

Hector focuses on abstract based three-dimensional volume forms, their relationships, interconnections and constraints among each other. Moore is a visual artist combining aspects of life with a twist of imagination and surrealism. A professional tattoo artist of 15 years, she is expanding her visual expression through painting, welding and fabricating metal sculptures.

“Symbiotic Entanglement” is fabricated steel and oxidized patina sculpture. It is 8’6”’ high by 3’6” by  3’6” and sponsored by Bob Scott and Tim McDonald. Its location is on the corner of Cloverdale Boulevard and W. Second Street.

Also on display, by Ortega, is “Was I Just Another One,” a new direction for the sculptor.

Ortega explained the new direction: “Was I just Another One” is a deeply introspective sculpture. After the last few monumental pieces I began to question my 'Constrained Geometrical Theme' and came to terms that it was time to progress, reflect on the heart, intentions, make peace with the past and look to the future.”

This sculpture is made of fabricated steel and paint with dimensions of 10’ 4” high by 4’ wide by 4’ deep is sponsored by J. Howell Fine Art. Its location is the corner of W. Second Street and Cloverdale Boulevard.

For more information on the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, a unique sculpture exhibit visit www.cloverdalesculpturetrail.org . At the web site there is a map with the location of the sculptures exhibiting in the Sculpture Trail, which is a year-round exhibit.

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