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Cloverdale, undated.

Editor's Note: The Reveille went a few weeks this month without publishing our weekly history column Through the Years in the Reveille. To make up for the gap, we're publishing the columns that were meant to run in early and mid-May this week. We hope you enjoy looking back in history with us. 

May 9, 1885 - 137 years ago

 Hard Times for Most:

Affairs in Mendocino County do not look very bright. The old cry hard times is heard everywhere. The farmers and merchants look very blue. The greatest complaint is scarcity of money; it being the hardest season ever known in that county in money collections.

The valley of Hopland looks to be in the most thriving condition of any portion of the county, in fact, better than any portion of Sonoma County that we have visited of late. The hops and grain fields look very prosperous considering the dryness of the season. The village of Hopland has improved considerably; building is going on and the place shows signs of growth.

In Ukiah we found things very quiet. The residents of the county seat claim it is the hardest season ever known in their vicinity. The grass throughout the county is drying up fast; consequently there is a hard time ahead for stock raisers. There will be little grain and scarcely any hay yield this year, the latter at the present time cannot be bought for money.

May 12, 1960 – 61 years ago

May 1 festivities lasted two days according to a message received from Gilbert Dewart from the Russians’ main Antarctic base. Musical ensemble, toasts, dances and talks were part of the festivities. Gilbert took a trunk full of books with him to Antarctic, along with phonograph records and pictures, all chosen to give a true picture of life in the United States. Gilbert, whose parents live in Cloverdale, is spending a year with the Russians in Antarctica working in the fields of seismology and gravity.

Double sessions will continue next year for sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Double sessions went into effect this year for the first time in Cloverdale after a school building election failed.

Cloverdale’s fourth annual Ram Sale will be held in Cloverdale City Park on Saturday. About 100 registered rams from 35 different breeders will go on the auction block. In addition to the auction, there will be the famous lamb barbecue by Farm Center members. In the afternoon there will be the hilarious greased pig race for boys, the sheep dog trails staged by the Redwood Empire Sheep Dog Association. A new feature this year, the lamb race for girls.


May 15, 1985 – 36 years ago

At the Cloverdale United School District Board meeting last week, the Board voted to cut the school counselor to half time. The decision to spray weeds around the Cloverdale schools was delayed.

The Cloverdale Art Commission, a community minded organization of local artists and art enthusiasts is sponsoring their 11th Annual Art & Craft Exhibit and luncheon this Saturday at the Citrus Fair art building.

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