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May 23, 1885 - 137 years ago

We take pleasure in informing the people of Cloverdale, and the residents of the surrounding country, that we have opened our Meat Market, and are now prepared to supply first-class meats at low prices. Farmer’s Meat Market, West Street, Cloverdale.

I take pleasure in informing the citizens of Cloverdale and the traveling community that I have opened my bar at the Mountain House, and will keep on hand during the summer season a fine stock of liquors and cigars. This is a beautiful resort for pleasure seekers, and I earnestly solicit the patronage of the public. J. McDonald, Prop’t.

May 26, 1960 – 61 years ago

Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company has been notified by the Public Utilities Commission not to change the status of the Geyserville Station. The railroad had announced that as of May 14 the passenger, freight and express agency at the station would be closed.

Cloverdale residents must now dial all seven digits on their phones to reach local numbers. In the past only four digits had to be dialed locally, now the TW 4 must also be dialed. In order to supply continued service to Cloverdale, Pacific Telephone had to add more equipment to the central office. This additional equipment necessitated the dialing of the prefix as well as the numbers. So, remember to dial TW 4 before you dial your Cloverdale telephone number.

May 29, 1985 – 36 years ago

The Greater Metropolitan Yorkville Civic Beautification Project – now stop the giggling, these folks are serious. They are planning what well may be a first when it comes to highway cleanup projects. On Saturday, June 8, Yorkville residents, in cooperation with CalTrans are going to clean up a 10-mile stretch of Highway 128, to clear out all the garbage left by the tourists. The whole thing started when Triple A designated Highway 128 west as a scenic route. Now tourists are driving along the route and it looks awful, particularly since they all seem to consider the roadside a dumping ground. The volunteers, working with CalTrans, will start at each end of the stretch and work towards each other. Mountain House Road and the Yorkville Cemetery mark the outer boundaries of the project.

Many Sonoma County residents think of Cloverdale as “That little town somewhere way up north.” Most people don’t even know that Cloverdale is part of Sonoma County. It is time to get the word out that in Cloverdale there are things going on that are never or seldom seen anywhere but in Cloverdale, like the Citrus Fair.

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