Italian Swiss Colony, undated photo

Italian Swiss Colony, undated photo

Editor's Note: The Reveille went a few weeks this month without publishing our weekly history column Through the Years in the Reveille. To make up for the gap, we're publishing the columns that were meant to run in early and mid-May this week. We hope you enjoy looking back in history with us. 

May 22, 1909 – 138 years ago

There is interest in a proposed railroad from Healdsburg via Dry Creek to Cloverdale. The aim is to construct a 30-inch gauge road, connecting with tide water, by way of Dry Creek to Cloverdale or Ukiah and there connect with a road from Lakeport. The projected road covers a route that is a very desirable one, and one that should mean a great deal to Healdsburg and this vicinity.

Sidewalks now remaining unclean to the curb line will have the grass and weeds removed under the direction of the street commissioner. The expense will be charged up to the property owners and collected along with the town taxes.

Dr. J. W. Carlco is the latest to join the ranks of those who drive autos. His is a Maxwell, one of the classiest runabouts to be seen on the streets. It arrived early in the week and the doctor is attaining proficiency at the wheel.

May 21, 1959 – 62 years ago

Indestructibility is becoming the U. S. savings bonds trademark to many people in Northern California who purchased $8,954,998 worth of E and H bonds during the month of April. Sonoma County residents bought $117,952 worth of E and H bonds in April and $492,799 during the first four months of 1959.

The jackrabbit, subject of many a humorous story and song, is not particularly funny to California’s rangeland operators. The jackrabbit can be, in fact, a serious pest. Jackrabbits infest rangeland and are known to carry several kinds of parasites and diseases that can be harmful to livestock, game animals and man. Researchers from the Hopland Field Station are now undertaking a project that will put the jackrabbit under close investigation in the hope of garnering information needed for better control methods. 

May 23, 1984 – 37 years ago

After two years, tours and winetasting will again resume at the old Italian Swiss Colony Winery at Asti. For many years the familiar Swiss chalet was the destination of half a million visitors annually. Officials of ISC Wines of California, Inc., winery owner, said the hospitality area of the winery, which includes a tasting room and reception area has been refurbished. Visitors will also see a newly-landscaped formal garden, and lawn area of antique winemaking equipment and memorabilia bringing to mind the Colony’s 1881 origin. The Allied Grape Growers, a California Agricultural cooperative that formed ISC last year, purchased the historic winery at Asti from Heublin Wine and Spirits Co. in 1983 for 50 million. The winery has been the site of some wonderful weddings and spectacular parties. A grand reopening event will be held in mid-July.

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