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May 2, 1885 125 years ago

 “Business Locals”:

  • Limburg cheese for sale at Leitch & Frain.
  • Fresh pork at the Farmer’s Meat Market.
  • For the best imported and domestic cigars to to Leitch & Frain.
  • Shaw, Bowman & Co. are the sole agents of Harden’s Hand Grenade.
  • Just think! Fresh coast butter only 45 cents per roll at Leitch & Frain.
  • The Pearl Brand of coal oil is the best in the market. You will save money at Leitch & Frain.
  • Harness making and trimming of any kind done at the extensive harness and saddlery shop of Has. Winters.

May 5, 1960 – 61 years ago

Cloverdale’s first family polio clinic was termed a success with an attendance of 475 persons. Of these, the largest percentage was in the 5-to 19-year-old group, with 20-to 40-year-olds second, those over 40 year olds and infants to four year olds fourth.

Cloverdale City Council at its meeting accepted a $5,000 bequest for the upkeep and maintenance of the Cloverdale Cemetery. The bequest was made by Mrs. Gladys R. Blood who died several months ago in Oakland. Mrs. Blood formerly lived in Preston. Her husband is buried in the Cloverdale Cemetery.

The city council will send a resolution endorsing construction of an airport in Cloverdale to the County Board of Supervisors. A site has been approved south of the city and acquisition cost would be about $20,000.


May 8, 1985 – 36 years ago

New Cloverdale signs were erected by volunteers last weekend at both ends of town. The project was sponsored by the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce with donations from local organizations helping with the costs.

Cloverdale could become one of the major centers in California for country western music, due to the recent organization of a chapter of the California Country Music Association. The Cloverdale chapter is only the fourth such chapter authorized in California. Others are in Los Angels (the headquarters), San Jose and Bakersfield. The Cloverdale chapter is the only one located in a small town. Cloverdale was selected because of the area’s demonstrated interest in country music, particularly as shown by the successful annual Fiddle Contest. This chapter will serve the area from San Francisco to Ukiah and the communities to the east and west of Highway 101. In additional to country music, the association also promotes country gospel, western (the cowboy classic), blue grass and folk music.

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