Impact Sonoma: Tobacco/Nicotine Prevention


Sonoma County Public Health Department
625 5th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Last Updated: September 1, 2021


About Impact Sonoma: Tobacco/Nicotine Prevention

Impact Sonoma resides within the Department of Health Services, Public Health Division. The team provides prevention services and coordinates tobacco/nicotine control activities with our community partners and allies to create a healthier community.

More About Impact Sonoma: Tobacco/Nicotine Prevention

The Sonoma County Department of Health Services' Tobacco & Nicotine Prevention provides prevention services and coordinates tobacco control activities with our community partners and allies throughout Sonoma County.

This department is funded by the Tobacco Tax Increase Initiative (Proposition 56) and Tobacco Tax and Health Promotion Act (Proposition 99). This funding has enable a substantial expansion of Sonoma County’s Tobacco Prevention efforts to:

  • Limit tobacco promoting influences
  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, tobacco smoke residue, tobacco waste and other tobacco products
  • Reduce the availability of tobacco
  • Promote tobacco cessation

Specifically the program: 

Engages our community in the decision-making process: 

  • Provides staffing support to the Coalition for a Tobacco-free Sonoma County for the purpose of fostering their efforts around tobacco prevention and promoting community health education

Develops and applies public health policies to protect our community: 

  • Plans for, implements, and evaluates public health policies, for example, smoke-free laws for public places and tobacco retail licensing
  • Is a technical assistance resource to local governments, coalitions and individuals seeking to strengthen protections for the public at large
  • Answers inquiries from the general public about tobacco concerns, and the implementation of laws and policies related to tobacco and second hand smoke
  • Provides guidance and support to jurisdictions looking to bolster prevention and compliance efforts

  Serves as a tobacco prevention resource to our community:

  • Provides training and resources to facilitate a system of effective screening, identification, referral to cessation, and delivery of cessation services and supports
  • Works to prevent minors from acquiring tobacco products
  • Educates businesses and providers on smoke-free policies
  • Trains youth to assess their local environments in terms of types of tobacco products sold, price (including discounts and giveaways), advertising, where stores are located and where products are placed within those stores 

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