Cloverdale's sculpture trail started around the same time as the revamping of Cloverdale Boulevard. 

Cloverdale Boulevard underwent a major transformation and face-lift in the central business district in 2003. In conjunction with the revamping of Cloverdale Boulevard in 2003, a public art project turned the boulevard construction site into a work of art. The K-rails running the length of Cloverdale Boulevard in the downtown area were transformed into undulating waves of construction materials that brought interest and activity to the downtown area during the renovation.

A second artistic project began at the same time as the boulevard transformation, a juried sculpture exhibit. Eight sculptors participated in the inaugural Cloverdale Sculpture Exhibit in the Plaza. Each year the exhibit grew with exhibit space expanding from the Plaza to the boulevard sidewalks.

As Cloverdale’s reputation as an arts destination grew, sculptors from across the country entered and participated.

Despite the success of the annual Sculpture Exhibit over 10 years, it was necessary for the exhibit to evolve into a different format to keep the exhibit alive due to lack of funding. Determined to save the project, Cloverdale Sculpture supporters approached Geyserville with a proposal to join forces with Geyserville’s Sculpture Trail program, becoming Cloverdale – Geyserville Sculpture Trail, which morphed into the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail In 2016.

Now in its 17th year, the 2020-2022 Trail has 16 sculptures and 3 permanent sculptures on display from Citrus Fair Drive and Cloverdale Boulevard to 3rd Street and the Boulevard. 


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