cloverdale field

Authorities have released the identity of a deceased individual, whose body was discovered in a remote field along Highway 101 outside Cloverdale.

The remains of Amber Dillon, 33, of Willits were found Jan. 7 in an open space between the Highway 128 exit in Cloverdale and the Geysers Road exit in Mendocino County, according to a Jan. 11 social media post from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

The post states the incident is being investigated by detectives in the violent crimes unit, and additional information will be released when possible.

“Our No. 1 priority is to find out how and why Ms. Dillon died, bringing her justice and providing closure for her family. Detectives are working around the clock on this case. We will share additional information when we can,” the post reads.

Sgt. Juan Valencia, public information officer with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, told SoCoNews that the cause of death continues to be investigated, but that Dillon’s is considered a “suspicious death.”

Both Valencia and the social media post acknowledged that the body’s discovery has been a matter of public interest, spurring rumors and speculation on social media. 

“We are not ruling anything out — we are just looking into everything, trying to put the puzzle together and figure out what happened, what caused the death,” Valencia said. 

Valencia said the Sheriff’s Office will release new information when they are able. “As more information comes out and we can release it, we will be more than happy to (do so),” he said.


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