Cloverdale City Council

Cloverdale City Council

After months of residents asking when Cloverdale City Council meetings would be heading off of Zoom and back into the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center (CPAC), the Cloverdale City Council now back in person.

According to city clerk Irene Camacho-Werby, the council meetings will adopt a hybrid model of operation that allows people to interact and attend either by attending the meeting in person or watching via Zoom.

Camacho-Werby said that people attending the meeting in person are required to wear masks if they aren’t vaccinated, while masks are optional for those that are vaccinated.

For community members interested in watching the council meetings but who don’t intend to participate, the Cloverdale City Council livestreams its meetings on the city’s YouTube account, where recordings of the meetings can also be found.

How will public comment work?

According to the council agenda, public comments can be made via email, Zoom or in person.

For those attending in person, the rules remain the same as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic began — those wishing to address the council are asked to step up to the podium at the front of the performing arts center and speak into a microphone addressing the council.

Attendees watching over Zoom will be muted until they are called on for public comment and, if they have a public comment to make, can do so by either using the “raise hand” icon on their computer or by dialing *9 if they’re attending through their phone. Once it’s their turn to speak, they’ll be unmuted.

City council agendas, as well as agendas for city subcommittee meetings, can be found here.

Want to receive alerts when new agendas come out? Go here.

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