cloverdale police department


6:49 a.m. Officer out with subject at business on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Male in font of location might be pulling on the door to set off the alarm.

2:21 p.m. Suspicious circumstances at police department on Broad Street. Person requests to speak to officer regarding incident at CHS.

3:50 p.m. Assist Sonoma County Sheriff on Old Redwood Highway. Caller reports someone looked in a bedroom window this morning, requests to file a report. Transferred to SCSO due to location. 

5:21 p.m. Petty theft report on Mulberry Street. Citizen reports theft of items valued at $300 from the back of his truck. 



9:09 a.m. Assist other agency. Reporting party reports possible missing person from the area of Hopland Reservation, transferred to Mendocino County. 

1:53 p.m. Welfare check at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Report of female subject sitting in the driveway at location. Out with one, transported to residence. 

4:08 p.m. Disturbance at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Vehicle vs. pedestrian; two subjects involved in verbal disturbance. All parties counseled and denied medical/prosecution. 

5:33 p.m. No injury accident at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Officer reports no injury, no DUI, no damage.



7:04 p.m. Suspicious circumstances at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. White truck is dumping wooden frames against sound wall. 

10:55 p.m. Security check on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party requests an officer do a drive by her home, her animals were “freaking out” and she just wanted someone to drive by and take a look to make sure no one is in the area. Reporting party did not see anyone.



12:52 a.m. Suspicious circumstances on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports hearing glass breaking, possibly in this area. Reporting party states it sounded more like a window breaking, rather than a bottle. 

12:54 a.m. Reporting party reports female subject stole his phone earlier today. 

3 a.m. Prowler on E. 2nd Street. Caller reports an unknown subject possibly attempting to enter the house via reporting party’s window or back door. Nothing seen, only heard. Officers unable to locate/gone on arrival.

9:45 a.m. Vandalism at Jefferson School. 

6:16 p.m. Suspicious person on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller reports subject in and out of traffic at crosswalk was antagonizing drivers, no other calls.

9:53 p.m. Suspicious person at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports a male subject causing problems at business. Officers responded and it was an upset citizen who was moved along.



8:48 p.m. Drunk driving on South Foothill Boulevard and Elbridge Avenue. Caller reports driver may be impaired, last seen southbound on South Foothill, lights going on and off and not maintaining the lane. Unable to locate.

9:50 p.m. Juvenile problem at Cloverdale High School. Reporting party reports hearing three juveniles on the bleachers at the football field. 

9:52 p.m. Petty theft report at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller reports a male subject took two bags of groceries and walked out of the store. 

11:21 p.m. Reckless driving at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports a Ford Ranger was swerving on the freeway, almost hit the reporting party. Gone on arrival.



2:32 p.m. Disturbance at Grape Gables Way for a reporting party that got physical approximately 30 minutes ago. Female left in a Lexus and reporting party declines medical. 

6:42 a.m. Auto burglary on Gentle Breeze Way. reporting party reports his vehicle parked in his driveway was broken into. No damage to vehicle, nothing appears missing. 

8:32 a.m. Petty theft report on Portofino Way. Caller reports vehicle was “ransacked” and items missing. 

8:40 a.m. Welfare check on North Washington and School streets. Caller reports female sounds in distress and has been screaming for 45-60 minutes. Officer responded, checks OK. 

9:19 a.m. Petty theft report on Clover Springs Drive. Caller reports found vehicle with car door left open, compartments were gone through and $15 cash was missing.

11:18 a.m. Disturbance on North Washington Street. Caller reports female yelling obscenities at another, states she wants it to stop because she has a child who she doesn’t want exposed to it.



6:07 p.m. Missing person investigation on Clover Springs Drive. Caller reports 88-year-old male with dementia left on foot about 45 minutes ago and they cannot find him. Son is driving around looking for him and wife is at home. Completed.

6:59 p.m. Mentally ill on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller in distress, states walked into this location and needs help. Officers contacted subject who was transported to the hospital.


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