Cloverdale Wellness

Eleanor Gomez and Daniel Frankston stand in front of a fountain that faces their South Cloverdale Boulevard dispensary location.

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Cloverdale Wellness, a dispensary on South Cloverdale Boulevard, opened its virtual doors earlier this year. While Cloverdale Wellness opened up for both curbside and delivery service on April 20, the doors to its South Cloverdale Boulevard location will remain closed until July 1.

“Our intention here at Cloverdale Wellness is to really focus on the medicinal portion of the dispensary,” said general manager Eleanor Gomez. “That’s important to us, not only to distinguish ourselves from other dispensaries, but also as a way to elevate cannabis in the minds of people who have no knowledge of cannabis — to bring it out from the shadows and to highlight it apart from adult recreational (use)”

Gomez said that once the dispensary opens for in-person shopping, her and Frankston hope to have sections devoted to adult recreational use, one for medicinal use and a third section where the two groups cross over.

“So that your medicine can be fun, but also that your fun can be medicinal,” Gomez said, noting that one of her personal goals is to “elevate the perspective of the average person on what cannabis is and how it can benefit them or someone they love.”

Cloverdale Wellness received the green light for its dispensary permit in May 2019, following over a year of discussion about which cannabis dispensary applicants to issue permits to and how many permits the council wanted to allow. Cloverdale Wellness first put its hat in the ring under a different name, California Wellness, for a possible permit when the city council was first deciding the first dispensary permit to award. In May 2018, the council awarded the city’s first permit to Red Door Remedies located at the south end of town. When it came time to award a second permit, Cloverdale Wellness was awarded a permit in a 3-1 city council vote.

“We are greatly relieved to have gotten through the process and gotten to the point where now we’re open for curbside and delivery service, and we’ll soon be opening our doors to the public,” said Daniel Frankston, Cloverdale Wellness procurement manager, when asked how it feels to be open after a multi-year dispensary permitting process.

In a June 8 email, Frankston told SoCoNews that the dispensary plans to open its doors for in-person shopping on July 1.

In an interview shortly after the business’ opening on April 20, Frankston said that there are two factors helping determine when the business opens for in-store customers. The first, he said, was dependent on the improvement of statistics relating to COVID-19. The second revolved around a goal to open in conjunction with the beginning of Friday Night Live.

“We sincerely hope that Cloverdale Wellness will integrate within the community and be able to the residents here with a great educational experience for those who desire it when it comes to medical cannabis, as well as satisfying the adult-use recreational needs as well,” Frankston said.

Cloverdale Wellness is located at 124 S Cloverdale Blvd #140B.

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