Swimmers, undated photo

July 7, 1885 - 136 years ago

Misc. Gleanings from the Reveille: The Pay of Singers: a soprano voice commands a large salary. Next in salary is a rich contralto voice as few people posses a contralto voice. Then follow the tenor, yet good tenors are a rarity and always in demand. Altos get a good salary, yet must be above the common alto voice. Last, getting the poorest salary is the bass voice. The Tiger-Eye: The stone which has had the greatest run of late is the Tiger-Eye, which has a peculiar, dull fire. It is only a piece of petrified wood turned smooth and polished.

July 7, 1960 - 61 years ago

Cloverdale is going to establish its own weather station. City council authorized the expenditure of $170 for a “C” type station to be situated at the sewage disposal plant site. The station will consist of a shelter, rain gauge and thermometer. City employees at the disposal plant will man the station. The station will not have an official status. The official U.S. Weather Station for this area is located at Rockport Redwood Company.

California’s Redwood Empire region is growing faster than California as a whole. This is one of the trends indicated by the preliminary 1960 census figures. According to these figures, the seven North Coast counties grew at the rate of 48 ½ percent since the 1950 census, while the state grew at 46.7 percent.

July 10, 1985 - 36 years ago

Remember When: “Hippie” meant big in the hips. A “trip” involved travel in cars, etc. “Hooked was what a grandmother’s rug may have been. “Pot” was a vessel used for cooking. “Fix” was verb for repair. “Grass” was a ground cover. “Groovy” mean furrowed with channels and hollows. “Bread” came from a bakery and not the mint. It’s groovy man, groovy, but English is not. Me thinks that our language is going to pot.

A major Francis Ford Coppola film is going to be shot in Sonoma County in mid-August. The film is recruiting actors and extras of all types. The film is called “Peggy Sue Got Married”.

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