CR history geysers

The Geysers, undated

November 21, 1885 -  136 years ago

Local Items:

  • Rough roads.
  • Mushroom time.
  • Our farmers are plowing.
  • Parents visit the schools and encourage both teachers and pupils.
  • The Live and Let Live Meat Market is now sporting a meat delivery wagon.
  • Another neighboring county hotel is reported to have discharged the Chinese help employed herein. The Ukiah papers are the authority for saying that the Grand Hotel at that place has replaced celestials with white cooks. Let the ball roll on.

November 17, 1960 – 61 years ago

State Water Rights Board will hold a hearing on the petition of Mendocino and Sonoma counties to review a previous decision on water rights of the Russian River. Mendocino and Sonoma counties have asked for 335 cubic second feet of water and both counties were awarded 65 cubic second feet of water to last until 1990. The counties are now appealing this decision.

The new Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church at Asti will be formally dedicated on Sunday. The church building is completed and what remains to be done is landscaping.

November 20, 1985 – 36 years ago

The results of the survey run recently by the Cloverdale Senior Advisory Commission are in, and show there is overwhelming support for a Senior Center in Cloverdale. The bulk of the responses came from people in the 65 to 80 age bracket. In all, there were 102 responses, and 79 of these voted to have a center.

The under grounding of all utilities on south Cloverdale Boulevard as far as Porterfield Creek came a step closer to reality this week as the city council had a first reading of the ordinance to create the necessary underground Utility District.

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