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June 20, 1885 – 136 years ago

From Local Items:

     Green corn is selling at twenty cents a dozen.

     Young quail are very numerous in this vicinity.

      Haying is about over. The crop has turned out better than was expected.

     Regular old-fashioned excursion and basket picnic to Healdsburg on the 24th. Round trip tickets only $1.

     A Social Bon-Bon Hop is to be given on the evening of the Fourth of July in Union Hall by Coe’s Orchestra.

     The Oat Valley school house is finished. It presents a fine appearance, and is a credit to the people of the valley.

    A cloudburst occurred on upper Sulphur Creek just below Geyser Springs Hotel last Friday evening. The creek rose 12 feet in a few minutes.

June 23, 1960 – 61 years ago

City Council heard a progress report on the proposed airport. The proposed airport site is directly east of Dickinson Lumber Company, on the west side of the Russian River and on the east side of the railroad tracks. The runway would be 75 feet wide and 2600 feet long. There was a discussion about which governmental body would take care of the acquisition of the site. The definite limits of the airport site had not been determined as yet. There are about four or five property owners whose land would be affected.

Mail service to patrons on the Geyser Star Route has been changed. The Star Route carrier now leaves the Cloverdale Post Office at 8 a.m. and arrives at the Big Geysers at 9:30 a.m., returning to the post office at 10:30 a.m. Patrons on the new mail schedule receive all incoming mail on the same day of arrival at Cloverdale.


June 26, 1985 – 36 years ago

Mayor Pell has decided to spearhead a committee of local residents to clean up the Cloverdale cemetery. Citizen complaints, particularly from those with relatives buried there, have been coming in for months, but the city is not in a financial position to handle the problem. Volunteers are needed to clear out the underbrush. Another problem at the cemetery, vandals – probably teenagers who regularity knock down headstones and generally desecrate the graves. It was suggested that a mobile home be installed, with a caretaker, just inside the front gate to prevent the vandalism.

 A 140-megawatt plant, which is expected to be open by 1988, has been approved for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. The plant will generate enough electricity for 140,000 households. It is expected to cost $210 million. PG&E has two other plants at the Geysers which are expected to go into operation this fall. With the new one, this brings to 20 the number of plants the utility operates at the Geysers.  

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