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June 6, 1885 - 136 years ago

From Local Items:

Mr. Chas Adams shot an old bear and two cubs on his ranch near Pine Mt. about eight miles from town. The bears were brought to town and left at Mr. Cooley’s butcher shop where they were disposed of to lovers of bear flesh. We had the pleasure of tasting a piece of roast bruin and pronounce it most excellent.

In two or three sections of the county we hear of large numbers of grasshoppers. They are now too small to fly much, but in a few weeks, will be full-grown and rise in the air and migrate. Farmers in their line of march will have everything green eaten up. Look out for them.

June 9, 1960 – 61 years ago

Civic affairs committee of the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce named individuals to work on a proposed community hospital for Cloverdale. Meetings will be held with leaders of religious groups regarding participation of the churches in financing and administration of the proposed hospital. The chamber will secure literature dealing with all phases of hospital promotion, financing, administration and operation from the U. S. Department of Health & Welfare.

Work is now under way for preparation of serial maps of the area on U. S. 101 from one mile south of Lytton to the Sonoma-Mendocino County line. These maps are to be used for the preparation of construction plans for the expansion and partial relocation of the state highway within the above limits. The general routing for this section of highway was adopted by the California Highway Commission on Nov. 18, 1959.

June 12, 1985 – 36 years ago

Things To Do. . . Places To Go. . .

Healdsburg Concerts in the Park resume with a salute to Father’s Day.

San Francisco 49ers and the Hollywood Allstars will hold an exhibition baseball game at Rohnert Park Stadium to raise money for “Find the Children Program”.

“Flashbeagle – An adventure on Ice” opens at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena in Santa Rosa. It is a combined delightful mix of ice dancing and on-screen animation from the recent ”Flashbeagle” television show starring the  most famous dog in the world, Snoopy. Appearing throughout the show is Scott Hamilton, winner of the Gold Medal in Men’s Figure Skating in 1984.

Take one jazz band, three polo teams and 40 premium Sonoma County wineries, mix well and serve on a Sunday afternoon, and you have the makings of a successful benefit called “Polo, Wine and All That Jazz” now in its third year.

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