The graduating senior class of 2021 at Cloverdale High School faced some of the most daunting challenges of any in recent history, both academically and athletically.

Yet, most navigated these obstacles with grace and resilience, determined not to let the crisis that was the COVID-19 pandemic tarnish their overall high school experience.

The student-athletes selected in this issue were among the best and brightest of their graduating class and all had one thing in common- they represented their school and teams with tremendous talent, skill and sportsmanship. 

Although there were too many seniors to list, we congratulate all of the athletes for their accomplishments and pay tribute to a few with words and pictures. 

The following is part two of a two part series featuring the graduating male student/athletes of 2021. 

(1) Versatility – Josh Lemley will be remembered as a gifted natural athlete that excelled at everything he played in a standout, four-year career in football, basketball and baseball. Among the team’s best lineman, he gave opponents all they could handle on the gridiron. He was a go-to player as a center on the basketball court, using his six-foot, seven-inch frame to dominate the paint. Lemley was equally good on the baseball diamond as a sure-handed first baseman, finishing as one of the Eagle’s top hitters. Photo Greg Clementi

(2) Skill - Logan Axell was the epitome of athleticism in a multi-year run on Eagle’s football, basketball and baseball teams. On the gridiron, Axell was a two-way player with a knack for the big play as both a receiver and strong safety, combining big plays on both sides of the ball. He was a steady guard on the basketball court, helping his teams make yearly trips to the playoffs. His best moments may have come on the baseball diamond as a versatile multi-position player and strong hitter. Photo Rick Scaramella

(3) Consistency – Andy Herrera enjoyed a stellar athletic career on Eagle’s basketball and baseball teams, making huge contributions in both sports. He was among the team’s top scorers and defenders as a guard on the basketball court, helping his teams reach the postseason. He spent his springs helping the Eagles win baseball games with his bat, glove and legs as the team’s best base stealer. Photo Michael Lucid

(4) Talent – Collin Patterson was a star since stepping onto the varsity baseball field as a freshman in 2018. Utilizing great versatility, Patterson could excel at virtually every position on the field, most notably as a catcher, infielder and pitcher. Along the way he was a team leader in games played and runs batted in four standout seasons. Photo Rick Scaramella

(5) Endurance – David Nunez was among the top distance runners of his graduating class in a distinguished cross country and track career at Cloverdale. Along the way he made huge improvements in personal bests on each cross country course and was a consistent scorer and versatile runner on the high school track. Photo provided         

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