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Council approves fire services contract renewal

At its most recent meeting, the Healdsburg City Council unanimously approved a fire services contract renewal between the Healdsburg Fire Department and the county of Sonoma for fire services in unincorporated areas of Healdsburg.

The City of Healdsburg Fire Department has been providing contractual fire services to Fitch Mountain and Dry Creek, the unincorporated areas of town, for almost three decades.

The current contract expired on June 30, 2021. The new one-year contract for services expires on June 30, 2022.

The Fitch Mountain zone includes all unincorporated areas of Fitch Mountain. According to the agenda item report prepared by Healdsburg Fire Chief Jason Boaz, the zone generates an average of 44 calls annually.

Most of the calls are for hazardous conditions such as fallen trees and power lines.

The Dry Creek zone includes 65 square miles of unincorporated Sonoma County areas to the west of Healdsburg city limits. These areas include the lower Dry Creek Valley, Westside Road to Sweetwater Springs and the Mill Creek area. The Dry Creek area generates an average of 217 calls a year, with medical emergencies being the most common incident.

Healdsburg Housing Element work group looking for new members

The Healdsburg Housing Element work group is looking for new members in the following categories:

-       A member that rents their primary residence

-       A member with lived experience of homelessness

-       A member from the Healdsburg business community

-       A member from a local non-profit organization

-       A member of the Healdsburg Planning Commission

-       A member representing the faith-based community

-       A three community members at large

According to the city of Healdsburg, the Housing Element Work Group will provide the City of Healdsburg with input and guidance on a roadmap for housing production and programs and goals for 2023-2030 as part of the 6th Cycle Housing Element.

Applications are available on the city’s website under Government: Boards and Commissions, Housing Element Work Group at:

Applications are due to the office of the city clerk by 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, 2021.

City water reclamation facility honored

The City of Healdsburg Water Reclamation Facility was recently honored with an award for Recycled Water Agency of the Year for California from the WateReuse Association. The awards recognize individuals and/or projects who are making significant contributions in support of greater adoption of water reuse.

The city’s recycled water is distributed for agriculture, industrial and construction uses through a distribution system of two pump stations, 47,000 linear feet of pipe and two automated filling stations.

According to the most recent Healdsburg city manager update, the “Water is supplied to over 1,000 acres of agriculture and a local gravel processing facility for dust control and washing aggregate materials used for asphalt and concrete production… ​​Over 1,000 residents either self-haul or receive deliveries of recycled water to offset drinking water use for landscape irrigation, reducing diversions from the Russian River by over 40%. 133,000,000 gallons have been reused since January 2020.”

Wildfire mitigation work

The summer the city’s electric utility crews have been focused on preparing for fire season. Crews recently completed the installation of new electrical equipment that reduces the risk of utility caused wildfires.

Towards the end of September, utility crews replaced fuses and lightning arrestors on South Fitch Mountain Road.

According to the city manager update, “This new equipment helps to interrupt power due to equipment failures while also lowering the risk of sparking wildfires.”

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