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Around 100 residents have already signed up


On June 21, the city of Healdsburg started hauling recycled water to residents who choose to participate in the city’s new residential recycled water program. Once the contract with the water hauler was finalized last week, recycled water deliveries were able to commence on Monday.

According to Healdsburg City Manager Jeff Kay, around 100 or so residents have signed up for the program so far. “We are committing to delivering up to 500 gallons per residential customer per week,” said Felicia Smith, the city’s utility conservation analyst.

News of the program came during a city meeting on June 16 that was held to inform residents and businesses of the current water supply and subsequent stage 3 water regulations. The customer would have to obtain their own storage container and place it within 75 feet of their property frontage. The container has to be easily accessible and not behind a gate or a fence.

Storage tanks typically start at the 55-gallon size and can go up to the 2,100 gallon size, however, the larger the tank, the more it will cost. Smith said alternatively, folks can also use something as simple as an olive oil storage tank.

Program participants will also have to purchase the equipment — hoses and piping — needed in order to apply the recycled water to their landscaping. Tanks and other necessary equipment can be found online our in hardware stores

Residents who participate in the recycled water program will receive a recycled water lawn sign to denote who is using recycled water.

Smith said later in the rainy season, tanks can be connected to downspouts and used as a water catchment system.

The recycled water for the program is coming from the city’s wastewater treatment plant located on Foreman Lane, according to Smith.

According to the city manager update, since May 15, 2021, the city has reclaimed 23.6 million gallons of recycled water. Of that amount, 1.2 million has been hauled to offset potable water use. 1.7 million gallons were piped for dust control and other industrial uses and 7.2 million gallons were used for agricultural needs offsetting the pumping of natural ground water. An additional 10.6 million gallons have been stored for future use.

“The recycled water will help people stay within their (water) budget and maintain high priority trees, shrubs and food-producing plants,” Smith said of the program.

Residential water customers who are interested in signing up for the recycled water program should email conservation@ci.healdsburg.ca.us and provide their address, contact information and the size of their storage tank.

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