First State Bear Flag

First State Bear Flag

The following snippets of history are drawn from the pages of the Healdsburg Tribune, the Healdsburg Enterprise and the Sotoyome Scimitar, and are prepared by the volunteers at the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society. Admission is always free at the museum, open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

100 years ago – June 9, 1921

High school sets 1921 ‘Sotoyoman’

On contract time, the Sotoyoman, class magazine of Healdsburg High School, was delivered to the graduating class of June 1921, by The Tribune on Friday, to be distributed to the graduates and others of the school. The present issue of the Sotoyoman is the most ambitious ever attempted by a Healdsburg graduating class. It is 8 by 11 inches, with gold embossed cover. The journal contains 84 pages and has twice the number of pictures of any previous issue of the Sotoyoman. Gladys Wasson was editor of the magazine and the following composed the staff: Noble Johnson, Fred Beck, associated editors; Leslie Bidwell, art department; Edith Smeeton, literary department; Nubia Johnson, Herman Baer, jokes; Dorothea Shanahan, school notes; Marie Bailhache, social notes; Helen Von Grafen, Alumni-art; Clyde Hitchcock, athletics; Miss Fisher, Miss McGrath, Miss Hulbert, advisors.

75 years ago – June 14, 1946

Healdsburg float to parade at Sonoma

Misses Ruthanne Smith, Lenore Lewis and Jean Plum will extend a gracious invitation to all celebrants of the California Bear Flag Centennial parade at Sonoma this weekend, while riding on a beautiful flag float as three of Healdsburg’s loveliest bathing beauties accenting the “Vacation in Healdsburg” theme.

25 years ago – June 12, 1996

Railroad gala Sunday in Healdsburg

The first passenger train in 40 years will stop in Healdsburg Sunday morning, when the Southwestern Pacific Railroad sends its Celebration Train on a run between Black Point in Marin County and Arcata in Humboldt County.  Supporters of the reunited railway hope this will be the first of many excursions and charters.  A public ribbon-cutting celebration is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on the west Plaza near Matheson Street and sponsors of the excursion run are hoping for big turnouts to see the vintage cars in Healdsburg and all along the route.  “The Celebration Train will show what can be achieved in the way of passenger service.  It is a promise to the public, whose railroad this is, for future trips by rail,” said Allan Hemphill, chairman of the North Coast Railroad Authority.  Train buffs will want to bring their cameras to the whistle stops, where speeches will be made from a rear platform of the type Harry S. Truman used in his famous 1948 presidential campaign.  Two elegantly restored private cars and a classic Daylight car will make up the train.

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