Letters to the editor

Thank you, Burke

EDITOR: The retirement of Police Chief Kevin Burke is a loss for our community. My wife and I have worked with him concerning the other current epidemic, drug abuse. We have found him to be what we believe should be the standard in policing in these times, a guardian rather than a warrior.

We certainly hope that the next police chief will continue to build on the exemplary characteristics Chief Burke possesses, quiet competence, intelligence, collaboration and compassionate awareness of the large challenges facing our society today. Thank you, Chief Burke.

Walt Maack, MD

Bretta Rambo, RN


About the film festival

EDITOR: The 2021 Alexander Valley Film Festival (AVFF) has drawn to a close. Because COVID restrictions have kept our local movie theaters shuttered, the event was held largely virtually April 23 through May 2, though there were drive-ins on Saturday nights in Cloverdale and Healdsburg.

In spite of the pandemic challenges, we screened some fabulous films!  By far the most viewed film was “The Kincade Fire,” which was offered free of charge to the community and sold out its virtual screenings. We also screened a varied array of films (close to 100 in all) — documentaries, narratives, foreign films, shorts, many with supporting panel discussions — and focused on showing as many community-oriented and diverse films as possible. Films by and about indigenous people, farmworkers, sex workers and LGBTQ community members appealed to audience members from all walks of life.  As an AVFS board member, I was honored to interview one of our filmmakers, Debbie Lum, who made the documentary film “Try Harder!” about seniors at Lowell High School in San Francisco. We even held our fourth student film competition, feting students at the drive-in screening with balloons and recognition for their work and endurance during a terribly difficult year.

The Alexander Valley Film Society, which sponsors the AVFF, is focused on community and diversity as well.  More than just the AVFF, we also offer educational programs to students of all ages and are committed to hearing diverse voices and telling stories centering on underrepresented groups. That commitment is evidence by our recent efforts in the DEBA (Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Access) arena.  Our DEBA Committee continues to work toward deepening the diversity of our staff, volunteers, vendors and board members. Our Education Committee works to broaden arts access for our Sonoma County youth.  The Events Committee strives to create fun family community events that are accessible to all income levels.  We need and want to elevate and include diverse voices.  We want you!

So if you’re interested in working with us or volunteering for us, please email us at tess.mchaffie@avilmsociety.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Sue Campbell

Alexander Valley Film Society Board Member


The Fourth of July is back

EDITOR: Start making plans for the return of the July 4 Community Celebration in the Plaza. Yes, the Big Event will return this year as Healdsburg safely emerges from the pandemic, if permitted by state and county guidelines. Kids, get your tricycles and bicycles ready for decorating. Find a costume that fits (you may have grown in the past two years). Parents, get your immunizations completed by June 28. Rotary Sunrise and the City of Healdsburg want this to be the safest event possible. Masks are strongly recommended for the children as they are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine. All other participants including parents, grandparents and visitors are encouraged to wear a mask, even if they have been vaccinated. If you have not done so already, get vaccinated for the children's sake as well as for your own. We want a fun, safe event to celebrate that Healdsburg is back. Hope to see you on the 4th.

More information at facebook.com/RotaryClubofHealdsburgSunrise

Douglas D. Pile, M.D.

July 4th Committee

Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise


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