Letters to the editor

As part of our letters section this week, the Tribune is publishing letters from students at The Alexander Valley School about what they’re thankful for this year.

Thankful for school

EDITOR: I am thankful for school for several reasons. I can do many things at school like learn math, reading, science, PE, and Spanish. PE makes me feel good because I can exercise my body and stay fit. Also, school is sometimes full of surprises, like the time that my principal, Mr. Reno kissed a pig! Not everybody gets a chance for an education, so I am thankful for getting to go to school.

AJ Monson

Family happiness

EDITOR: What I am thankful for is my family giving me so much happiness. I love my family because I feel so free when my mom takes me hiking to Riverfront Regional Park. Once when I went to the park I was drinking water and my brother said something really funny and water came bursting out of my nose! It was so funny. My family makes me so happy.

Aariah Hart-Tinsley

Thankful for my soccer ball

EDITOR:  I am very grateful for my soccer ball. It is one of the most valuable things to me. If I didn’t have one, I wouldn't be able to play soccer at my house.

My brother and I love playing soccer in my backyard. When I kick my soccer ball, I get very excited. Sometimes that makes it hard for me to go to sleep. The day that my parents surprised me with a soccer ball was the best day ever! Even though I only have one, that is plenty.

Alan Macias

Staying active with judo

EDITOR: I am thankful for having judo in my life. Judo keeps me active and helps me stay safe and feel good. It keeps me active doing push ups and sit ups every time I go to class. I feel safe in class because my senseis are there when I am learning new moves. Learning judo makes me feel confident that I can protect myself. Every time I go, I feel happy to see all of my friends. I am very thankful for judo. I love it. It's the best!

Angelo Saini

Snacks at golf

EDITOR: I am thankful for golf for several reasons. It is fun, especially when I am close enough to chip. I also get to spend time with my family, usually my dad. I get to eat lots of snacks. Chips and Skittles are the ones I usually get. Even though golf can be exciting, it can also be frustrating! It's frustrating when you hit it into the bunker or sand trap. It may be frustrating, but I always keep playing.

Alex Angerer

Thankful for the river

EDITOR:When fall is here everyone starts to think about what they’re thankful for. There are many things I am thankful for like the river near the campsite that l stayed at this week. I’m thankful for the river because it gives me fresh water to drink and use in my food. I  love swimming in sparkly clear water. Rivers bring a smile to my face.

Camryn Munselle

Sweet cat

EDITOR: I’m thankful for my kitten, Hutson. My kitty, Hutson, is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. Sometimes I’ll wake up and run to his room and he’ll lick my finger. His tongue is scratchy and not slobbery like a dog. At night he’ll snuggle up next to my face and go to sleep. Early in the morning  he’ll wake me up with a hundred licks on my hand. They tickle. I would also like to thank my family for surprising me with a cat for my birthday.

Clementine Sentenn

Home sweet home

EDITOR: I am thankful for a lot of things and one of them is California. California is where I was born and  live. Also it is where my friends and family live. I love the animals and plants that live and grow here except poison oak! The weather is very nice here, and  when it is fall the leaves are a very pretty red. I love California.

Ella Mauritson

Loving Halloween

EDITOR:  I am thankful for Halloween every year. I love when my family hides candy all over the house. I also love colorful and scary costumes. I decorate my house and put gifts and candy in the driveway. We shine a light so people can see as we go trick-or-treating. Halloween is the BEST!

Emma Anderson

Being with family

EDITOR: I am thankful for my family because we spend a lot of time together.

 One of the things we do is travel because we like to see my dad.

 We have so much fun with my dad. I love going to the car wash with him. With my brother, Jack, we play Xbox and catch lizards. We catch big and little ones, keep them for a couple of days, then let them go in my grandpa Gary's backyard. The time I spend with my family is special.

Henry Reichel

Thankful for Angelo

EDITOR: I am thankful for Angelo. One reason is because if I fall he will be there for me to make sure I am OK. He backs me up every day, like the time I got kicked in the stomach. He ran over and said, “Are you OK?” He took me to the office. Even though he could have gone to play, he stood outside to wait for me. I’m so thankful to have him in my life.

Hudson Biasotti

Soccer, the best sport

EDITOR: I’m thankful for soccer for many reasons. I'm thankful for being a goalie because I like to kick the ball really far. I love the challenge of soccer even if I get hurt. One time I was playing soccer and I got nailed right in the face with a very fast ball. It stung a lot, but I stayed in the game.

Another reason I’m thankful for soccer is because it is really tiring, and I love to be tired. I love soccer so much and it is the best sport ever.

Jacob Burdelsky

Thankful for my friends

EDITOR: I am most thankful for my friends. They all have been with me since kindergarten.They help me when I'm hurt and when I'm feeling down. My friends are really my family away from home. I love them all so much, especially Emma Faith Anderson and Clementine Christmas Senten. My favorite place is Alexander Valley School because I get to see all of them every day. I care about them all so much, I would do anything for them.

Kristina Goins

Love for my family

EDITOR:  I am thankful for my family. They support me in many ways. One time when I fell off my bike, my family came and helped me get on my feet. My knee was gushing with blood. My family gave me an ice pack. It hurt badly, but having them there made me feel better. My family also helps me with homework and studying for a test. I love my family so much.

Macie Mcwilliams

Santiago is the best brother

EDITOR: I am thankful for my brother. He is always there for me. Once I was watching a scary movie and I was so scared I couldn't turn off the TV. My brother came running, turned off the TV and hugged me. Once in a restaurant, there was a little playground a kid came to me and started to be mean so my brother came and defended me from the kid. Santiago is the best brother I could ever have.

Sebastian Cortes

Thankful for Missy

EDITOR: I  am  thankful  for  my  horse,  Missy.  I  love  her  and  she  loves  me  too.  After  homework  I  go  outside  and  play  with  Missy. My  favorite thing to do with Missy  is  riding  her  at  the  stalls. I am so, so glad  that I have Missy.


My bed, pasta and my family

EDITOR: I am thankful for my family because they feed me and make sure I have a house. One of my favorite dishes that my parents make for me is pasta with cheddar cheese mixed with Mexican cheese.  My family gives me a smooshy bed to sleep in. I love how I wake up and I am happy in the corner of my bed. I love my family very much.


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