HWGC participants

HWGC participants at the recent Fitch Mountain Cup and Club Championship gathered for a group photo. Pictured are (front row, l-r) : Joyce Jensch, Val Cronin, Joan O'Connor and Gaye Taylor. Back row (l-r): Liz Thompson, Georgianne Boissier, Julie Conklin, Judy Somers, Kathy McCaffrey, Anne Friedemann, Peggy Decker, Pat Bertapelle and Peggy Sabourin. 

The Healdsburg Women's Golf Club (HWGC) played the final round of the Fitch Mountain Cup tournament and the Club Championship on a beautiful autumn day at Tayman Park Golf Course in Healdsburg this month. The Fitch Mountain Cup winners are determined by using the best of two out of three rounds played over the past three weeks and factoring in the golfer's course handicap.

The overall winner was Val Cronin with a net score of 134 (69, 65 which in total is six strokes under par). Runner-up for the cup was Pat Bertapelle (142). Other winners in the first flight with handicaps between 9-25 were Kathy McCaffrey (145), Gaye Taylor (146) and Georgianne Boissier (149). Second flight winners with handicaps between 26-33 were Joan O' Connor (144), Liz Thompson (146) and Peggy Decker (148). Third flight winners with handicaps between 34-40 were Judy Somers (152), Joyce Jensch (158) and Sue Dickens (161).

Cronin finished the day by becoming the HWGC 2021 Club Champion, which represents the player's gross score for best of two rounds, Cronin's score was 152, runner-up was Anne Friedemann (172), Dee Whitehall (178) in first place, Julie Conklin (193) in second and McCaffrey (195) in third for the first flight. Second flight winners were Pat Bertapelle (196), Peggy Sabourin (203) and Joan O'Connor (204). Third flight winners were Somers (224), Jensch (234) and Dickens (241). 

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. HWGC is open to all players with any level of golf talent and any age. One of our members who was in the finals of both the Cup and Championship just turned 88 and she beats most of us nearly half her age. The group enjoys the sport of golf, the beautiful views of Healdsburg from the course and the fun social events. Any ladies interested in joining the HWGC are encouraged to contact Cindy Powers at lpowerswow@gmail.com

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