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This Week in H’burg is a weekly column featuring photos and fun facts from local photographer Pierre Ratté. Each week we’ll feature a new photo from Ratté along with a fact about the subject matter of the photo.

Healdsburg is blessed with ‘fairy doors.’ Here’s one at the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society. It’s located just right of the main door. From time to time, decorations adorning these small doors change. Last month, this door was decorated with flowers; this month it’s autumn apples. Fairy doors started to appear in Healdsburg in 2017. Now, they can be found throughout town if you look carefully. If you want a map to find these doors, go to the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, or see the link below. You can ask, but you may not find the secretive artist who is responsible for these creations. They appear and change, as if by magic.

Fun facts: Fairies are a part of folklore in many cultures. Typically, they are spritely, small creatures with magical qualities and a penchant for frivolity and trickery. Leprechauns in Ireland are a type of fairy; so are Menehune of Hawaii. Peter Pan is not a fairy, though Tinker Bell is. J.M.Barrie describes Peter as ‘betwixt and between’ a boy and bird – he escapes his nursery as a 7-day old, and is raised by birds and fairies in Kensington Gardens. It’s thought that the inspiration for this character was Barrie’s brother, who tragically died in an ice-skating accident. Dying one day short of his 13th birthday, flying about on skates, he was remembered affectionately by his mother and brother as the boy who never had to grow up. J.M.Barrie willed the copyright revenue from Peter Pan to the Great Ormond Street Hospital – the first to specifically provide in-patient beds for children. The UK Copyright Act created an extension and exception in 1988 for the hospital to receive royalties from Peter Pan in perpetuity.

H’BURG MAP: https://www.healdsburg.com/media/1774/fairymap.pdf

Pierre Ratté can be found on on Instagram, Facebook and TodayinHburg.com. He can be reached at pjratte@icloud.com. His book “100 Days Sheltering-In-Place” can be purchased at Levin’s and Copperfield’s bookstores, TodayinHburg.com or Amazon.com.

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