Seb city council preview

The Sebastopol City Council is meeting on Monday for a special city council meeting, continuing its budget discussions and holding a public hearing for its 2021-22 Capital Improvement Plan. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. For agenda information, as well as the Zoom link for the meeting, click here.

Capital Improvement Plan

Items outlined in the city’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan include improvements to city streets, bike paths, crosswalks, water and sewer infrastructure, city facilities and more. Items from the lengthy list of proposed projects include:

●             Design and cost estimate for Burbank Farm public restroom facility

●             Design for the Ives Pool exterior shower

●             Project management of Bodega Avenue bike lanes and pavement rehabilitation, though the project is being scaled down due to a $1.2 million shortfall for construction

●             1st Street water main replacement

●             Call for artists for a new city-funded public art piece

The list of projects that will either fully or partially occur in the 2021-22 year is extensive, with many of the projects taking place over multiple years.

The Capital Improvement Plan is a five-year forecast of city projects approved by the council.

To view the full Capital Improvement Plan, go here.

Talking about the budget

Continuing the public hearing that began last week, the council will once again be discussing the city budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

According to the council agenda for Monday’s meeting, the discussion will include additional discussion about the following areas:

a) Information on Permits/License Revenue – explanation to be provided by the Building Department

b) $3,500 Request for Uncycled Art for Climate Action Committee/Zero Waste Committee

c) Administrative Staff positions for Police Department/ City Administration - this item can be re-evaluated at mid-year to allow staff additional time to explore for options

d) SB 1383 expenses

e) Discussion of water/sewer rates – potential consultant request 

f) Discussion of consolidation of Economic Development/Vitality/Community Vitality Responsibilities and Duties

g) Summary of Consultants /Contract Services: Each department will provide a summary of services provided by consultants/specialists/contract services and cost

h) Percentages of Budget Personnel/Consultants/Capital Outlay

i) Inclusion of budget history (staff will provide a slide of a history of the last couple of years for the budget and community benefit grants)

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