Letters to the editor

Sonoma County Redistricting

EDITOR: I feel that the current proposal on the table that merges Rohnert Park with District 5 (west county) puts both Rohnert Park and the west county at disadvantages. The interests of these two disparate areas are vastly different: views about sales tax, property tax, fire district tax, policing, fire districts that would represent them, school systems, etc. You are trying to force a crowded suburban area that contains a large casino to join with rural west county and its issues with wildfire prevention, drought that affects the lower Russian River, the preponderance of the county's homeless population that have been shunted to the west county, and the worst roads in the county.  

Only one of the supervisors (David Rabbitt) has urged that they don't have to redistrict. They can vote to keep the status quo. They are not being transparent. They are hiding information from the people who voted them into office. Giving people bad choices, while not revealing there is another choice. 

The group from Arizona that has tried to remap our county hasn't visited the west county, I'll bet. They have no idea of the topography and issues that creates. How can the BOS, in good conscience, accept the work of people who don't know our county? That is wasting taxpayer money on this process, when the money should be going directly toward the solution of District 5's problems. Our problems will not be solved by joining us to Rohnert Park. 

Lois Lebovich


Member, Guernewood Neighborhoods Assoc./Chair of Radio Communications Committee-GMRS and past President from 2017 - 2021

Member, Sonoma County Radio Amateurs - call sign KN6AWC

Member, Auxiliary Communications Service 

Member, West County GMRS radio communications group - call sign WRJD406

Member, Keeping Community Safe - Guerneville  

Former member, Russian River Fire District - Disaster Evacuation Planning Committee (begun Nov., 2017 after the Tubbs Fire, and disbanded in mid- 2019 - composed of all Lower Russian River fire chiefs, CalFire Battalion Chief Marshal Turbeville, a Sheriff's Dept. liaison, CERT members, RRFD board chair, and myself) 

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