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Drought should bring cannabis moratorium

EDITOR: Drought, drought, drought. Sonoma County is experiencing its worst drought in decades. Our reservoirs are at an all-time low, and even with conservation measures, our officials estimate only enough water for another year or so. It’s safe to assume homes relying on ground water (wells) are facing the same dire consequences. Sonoma County is appealing its new housing allocation (requesting a lower number), citing the drought and an unclear picture on where the required water would come from.

On Aug. 3, The State of California issued emergency orders to take only enough water out of the Russian river for “basic human health and safety needs.”

Supervisor Hopkins was quoted as saying “In my opinion, if it’s not something you’re going to eat, maybe you shouldn’t be watering it”. In response to Sonoma County recent draft amendment to the Cannabis Ordinance, both the Department of Fish and Game and the National Marine Fisheries Service stated that a complete and thorough water study is necessary before proceeding with any new projects.

In light the uncertain water future, the Board of Supervisor should place a moratorium on all commercial cannabis cultivation operations until our water supply is assured and safeguarded.

Bill Krawetz


Regarding democracy

I keep thinking about the SoCo News story on August 30 about the West County school board meeting ("WSCUHSD trustee vacancy to be filled by provisional appointment"). The story reported that some irate parents called for two duly elected board members to step down so they could "take over tonight." It alarmed me to read that it seems that a disregard for the rules of democracy is rampant all they way down to the local level.

I'm a voter in the district and I have a sophomore at West County High School. I served three years on the Sebastopol Union School District board, just long enough to appreciate how difficult the job is and how important it is to be pragmatic and seek compromise. Our school board members are volunteers doing the best they can while facing incredibly tough choices in arguably the most challenging time in living memory for public education. 

Hopefully, in seeking to fill the vacant seat, the board will have some candidates to chose from who are up for the job of community-building rather than the divisive and angry rhetoric that has characterized the school merger issue over the past few months. We could take some cues from our kids who seem to be moving on and building strong, unified school spirit.

Renata Brillinger


Putting students first

In response to the West County High School recall effort: We had children graduate from both Analy and El Molino. They were both great schools. I applaud the courage and evidence based decision that the current school board has made to unify. I would love to see the community come together and put the needs of todays student first. I appreciate the passion and pride of the recall promoters but are they thinking of themselves and their past or the future of our current students? I say let it go, move on and put ALL of the kids first.

Jymmey Purtill


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