City Hall, 7120 Bodega Avenue

City Hall, 7120 Bodega Avenue, is getting a facelift for the “Clean Up, Paint Up, Fix Up, Campaign to get Sebastopol ready for the visitors touring our area.

The following snippets of history were prepared by volunteers at the Western Sonoma County Historical Society. For more information about local history, go to the WSCHS website at, or email comments or questions about this History Corner to Mary Dodgion at

June 1921

Sebastopol Fire Department will sponsor the purchase of automobile equipment

Fire Chief Scudder yesterday received word from Monte Rio, the little summer resort town on the Russian River, that they were going to exchange their Ford chemical engine and hose carrier for a larger machine and he commenced investigations with the result that the fire department last night voted to purchase this piece of apparatus. At last, Sebastopol will have a semblance of fire protection. Right now we have an old-fashioned hand-drawn hose cart and no chemical engine. At present and past, there are no City funds to make purchases of equipment. The firemen met last night and decided to take the responsibility upon them of purchasing the equipment and will conduct a campaign immediately to raise sufficient funds. The cost of the equipment will be $2,150 and funds will be raised by public subscription

June 1946

Cunningham pigeon sets record in flight from Oregon

A pigeon owned by Bill Vier, well known Cunningham resident and former owner of Vier’s Grocery there, accomplished something the Petaluma Pigeon Racing Club has been trying to do for the past 35 years. The bird was released at The Dalles, Oregon, and arrived at its home loft near Cunningham 13 hours and 40 minutes later, flying the entire 516 miles in the daylight hours. It was the only racing bird to reach its loft that day in the entire Central California concourse.

June 1971

Delivery room was a VW bug

Melissa Daralyn Calvi started life recently in a little way-or at least, in a little automobile. Her parents were en route from Bloomfield Rd., Sebastopol to Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo to have Melissa born. They were driving a VW “bug,” hardly a good substitute for a delivery room. In the birth certificate space for “hospital,” the words, “in transit” were entered, and the street address was given as Sears Point Rd., where the Calvi’s stopped for Melissa’s arrival. The birth certificate also shows her father as the “delivering physician.” The following week the family was presented with a $150 savings bond by Kirk Veale, co-owner of Veale Volkswagen. Volkswagen representatives, Tom McGuen, assistant public relations manager of VW distributor Reynold C. Johnson Co., and Matt Corricelli, regional sales manager for Volkswagen of America Inc. were in attendance and stated that Volkswagen started the award in 1964. Since then 193 children have been born in Volkswagens.

June 2021- West County Museum happenings

Come on down!

The Museum Suffrage Exhibit is in high gear experiencing many visitors who are enjoying this exhibit and the Sebastopol permanent exhibit. What is great about our docent team is the representation of local people who are more than willing to talk to our visitors. It’s like old home week. We may not have all the answers but our docents are trained to connect visitors to the right people who will help answer their questions or research questions. We are open Saturday and Sundays from 11 – 2 p.m.

In our next breath we are gearing up for the next museum exhibit, “Classy Cars and their Care.” Now sing this … “Keep your pony run’in, out on the highway.” It is going to be all about the auto industry and will include dealerships, gas stations, repair shops, and part stores located in the downtown area. You probably visited many of the establishments that helped us keep our cars in good shape. If you have a story to tell, photos to share, or souvenirs’ to put on loan for this exhibit, we would love to hear from you.

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