Ben Neargarder and Rosie Harris

The West County High School cross country team was led by top varsity finishers Ben Neargarder and Rosie Harris. 

Fast times and great weather ruled the day at the annual Bob Shor Invitational cross country meet on Sept. 10, as hundreds of high school runners negotiated the classic, Spring Lake course in Santa Rosa.

The West County High School (WCHS) team was among the largest and most impressive contingent at the event, turning in a great collective effort in the first competition of the season. 

“For our first time out against the big schools that were once in our league, our runners did very well,” WCHS coach Mark Grismer reported. “This was a great way to begin the season and gave our runners a chance to finally experience cross country racing and the associated excitement.”

Pacing the way for the varsity boys was West County senior Ben Neargarder, who blistered the 2.97-mile course to take first in a fast, 16:47. Also cracking the top 10 in the varsity race was seventh place senior finisher Joey Thompson (17:24).

The West County varsity girls were equally impressive, led by a third-place finish by sophomore star Rosie Harris (20:34). Other top 10 West County finishers included Isabela Yob (5th, 20:55), Carolina Dawson (9th, 21:26) and Sienna Fassett (10th, 21:48).  

In addition, the JV boys were led by a second-place finish in the 2.1-mile race by Cormac Gaylord (12:37), while Elena Marquez paced the JV girls in second place in 16:26.

Below are the complete results for West County runners.             

Varsity boys (2.97 miles)

1. Ben Neargarder, 16:47

7. Joey Thompson, 17:24

15. Ethan Dierke,17:54

21. Aiden Finegan, 18:24

27. David Little, 18:48

28. Dylan Peña Pérez, 18:50

29. Marin Broadbent-Bell, 18:51

31. Lium Williams, 18:56

Varsity girls (2.97 miles)

3. Rosemary Harris, 20:34

5. Isabela Yob, 20:55

9. Carolina Dawson, 21:26

10. Sienna Fassett, 21:48

16. Emma McNatt, 22:22

24. Elena King, 23:33

25. Denali Ferrera, 23:36

JV boys (2.1 miles)

2. Cormac Gaylord,12:37

10. Ezekiel Hataway, 13:40

23. Owen Foley, 14:31

25. Richard Varville,14:42

29. Reilly McKnight, 15:01

31. William Voss, 15:17

38. Dylan Arendt, 15:54

42. Benjamin McKnight,16:19

59. Blake Travis,18:48

62. Marcus Schluter, 19:29

JV Girls (2.1 miles)

2. Elena Marquez,16:26

4. Jennifer Orozco, 16:50

5. Willa Heacock, 17:00

7. Jasmin Baptista, 17:10

9. Satori McCullough, 17:22

12. Marie Cantu,17:58

13. Callie Courts, 18:04

15. Nayela Sauceda-Murphy,18:26

24. Angelita Gutierrez, 20:04

25. Jasmine Tran, 20:13

31. Bailey Courts, 22:37

33. Kenbria Gipson, 23:42

34. Elaine Cortes, 24:39


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