Girl Scouts car care

Local Girl Scouts went to All-Around Auto Windsor to learn about vehicle maintenance from owner Dale Johnson.

According to the Girl Scout Law, Girl Scouts must ‘Make the World a Better Place.’ Recently, Dale Johnson, owner of All-Around Auto Windsor, made the world a better place, and acted in accordance with both the Girl Scout Promise and Law by offering a free car care course to Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts in Northern California. Johnson is not only the owner of All-Around Auto Windsor, he is a husband father, and grandfather; when his children were younger, they also participated in scouting.

Johnson responded to an inquiry in a local Facebook group, seeking an automobile mechanic who might help Girl Scouts learn about car care; he was quick to offer his assistance and offer the course for free. This is directly in line with the Girl Scout Promise: to help people at all times. He indicated that he had done something similar for his children’s scouting troops when they were younger and that he would be honored to help.

The 2.5-hour session, hosted at Johnson’s place of business, covered all about car care and satisfied the Girl Scout Senior Car Care badge requirements. Johnson covered most common car repairs, all about ‘basic car maintenance’ and recommended maintenance intervals, how to check car oil and fluids, and what to look for on the dash as an indicator of something that may need attention. He also covered how to fix a flat tire, tire rotation, how to check the pressure in tires and how air pressure (and other things) affect gas mileage.

He also discussed the function of the air filter (engine and cab) and the frequency it needs to be changed. Each girl was given a list of the top 10 safe driving tips and a recommended roadside emergency list. He discussed safety at length, the importance of paying attention, watching for distracted drivers, and not being a distracted driver. He also explained how to use jumper cables, what causes an overheated engine, what to do about it and so much more.

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