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The Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) arrested Peter Duranceau, 25, of Occidental, on April 15 following an investigation that found Duranceau to be the suspect in a sexual assault case involving a minor, as well as one where he’s suspected of trying to arrange a meeting with a minor with the intent to engage in sexual conduct.

According to a press release from the SRPD, a juvenile reported to the SRPD that she was a victim of sexual assault in mid-January. She said she was initially contacted via Snapchat.

“The suspect engaged in sexually explicit conversation with someone he knew to be a juvenile. The suspect also convinced the victim to meet with him and sexually assaulted her,” said the department’s announcement.

From there, the SRPD’s domestic violence and sexual assault detectives took over the investigation, conducting interviews and analyzing social media accounts. In early April, the detectives received information that identified Duranceau as the suspect and worked to locate and arrest him.

According to the SRPD, detectives were able to identify a second juvenile who never met Duranceau, but who he engaged in a “sexually explicit conversation and tried to convince the victim to meet up with him.”

On April 15, Duranceau contacted detectives and turned himself in.

“Based on the detectives’ investigation, Peter Duranceau is suspected of committing a sexual assault and attempting to lure juveniles with the intent to commit a sexual assault,” said the announcement from the SRPD. “Additionally, we believe there are additional victims and we are hoping they are willing to come forward.”

Duranceau was arrested and booked on the following charges: 88(c)(1) PC – Lewd Acts Against a 14- or 15-Years Old Child – Felony, 288.2(a)(1) PC – Send Harmful or Obscene Material to a Juvenile – Felony, 288.3 PC – Communicate with a Minor with the Intent to Commit a Sex Crime – Felony (5 counts), 288.4(a)(1) PC – Arrange a Meeting with a Minor with the Intent to Engage in Sexual Conduct – Felony (3 counts) and 311.11(c) PC – Possess Child Pornography – Felony. He was booked on $900,000 bail.

“Online child luring and sexual assault cases are difficult and take time to investigate, identify suspects and make arrests. Detectives continually work on these investigations by conducting forensic interviews with the victim, authoring/serving search warrants and conducting database searches,” the announcement continues.

This investigation is ongoing and the department believes there are more victims associated with Duranceau’s criminal behavior. The department is encouraging any victims/survivors associated with this investigation to contact Detective Boehm at 707-543-4048. Victims can also contact detectives through the SRPD’s online Tip Line:

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