Painting by Wassily Kandinsky, 1908

Painting by Wassily Kandinsky, 1908

As a part of the city’s efforts to increase its stock of affordable housing, the Sebastopol Planning Commission will be hosting a series of presentations on innovative housing models this spring. The presentations will happen during regularly scheduled planning commission meetings, and the commission encourages the public to attend. Here’s the schedule:

EAH Housing – April 13

EAH is a non-profit affordable housing developer based in Marin County, which has been developing and managing affordable housing for 50 years. Their vision is “creating inclusive neighborhoods with thriving socioeconomic and cultural diversity for generations to come, through well-designed affordable housing and a commitment to stewardship and residents’ quality of life through services.” Marianne Lim and Scott Johnson, Director of Business Development ( will present.

Burbank Housing – April 27

Burbank Housing is a non-profit affordable housing developer based in Sonoma County, with two housing communities in the City of Sebastopol (Gravenstein North Apartments and Bodega Hills Apartments). Rich Wallach, Co-Director of Housing Development for Burbank, will discuss working with religious organizations to develop housing opportunities.

MidPen Housing – May 11

MidPen was the developer for the teacher housing project in San Francisco’s Sunset District Ali Gaylord, Director of Housing Development – North Bay, will present.

Eden Housing – May 25 

Eden Housing is an affordable housing developer and operator based in Hayward, California. They have partnered with cities throughout the Bay Area, including communities in Healdsburg, Petaluma, and Marin. Andrea Osgood, VP of Real Estate Development and Nick Randall, a Sebastopol resident, will present.

Links to meetings will be available the Thursday prior to the meeting at

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The "Innovative Housing Series" is a brilliant, and probably overdue idea. I would suggest that you consider doing this all year long. There is probably no shortage of experts that would be very interested in presenting new ideas. I could suggest several. One category of affordable housing that we need to learn more about is "Factory-built, low-cost, sustainable, modular housing". Some of these are built in California factories using robotics and assembly lines, and are able to produce a single-family, modular home in 3-5 days at 50%-80% of the cost of the traditional site-built homes. We could also think about green, smart communities of these innovative single-family homes. In these times we don't need dozens or even hundreds of low cost housing units, we need thousands of them. This is especially important for solving the Homeless Public Health and Safety issue, that has pushed Sonoma County to near the top of the rankings for homeless population/per capita in the U.S. We can do this! Regards, Michael Q. Adams

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