Sheriff Dept. incident in Graton

VILLAGE VIOLENCE — Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies swarmed a home in Graton late Saturday afternoon in pursuit of a suspect thought to be fleeing from a threatening confrontation in Forestville. The suspect was arrested for felony violation of parole and felony resisting arrest and has since been released on bail.

On April 4 at approximately 4:40 p.m., deputies responded to a call in the 8500 block of Trenton Road in Forestville. The caller reported a man and a woman came to the house earlier in the day making threats. The suspects had just returned, pointed a handgun at the caller, then drove away.

Deputies were able to obtain a description of the suspects, the pickup, and the identity of one of the suspects. The man was identified as Jason Anglero-Wyrick, 35, Graton. Anglero-Wyrick is known to law enforcement and has a history of violent felonies. They learned he is on parole for assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputies found a pickup matching the description at Anglero-Wyrick’s home in the 8900 block of Graton Road in Graton about 20 minutes later. Deputies were met by his uncooperative family members, who said he was asleep inside. More deputies responded, and CHP closed nearby streets for the community’s safety.

Anglero-Wyrick and a woman later identified as Naustachia Green, 35, Graton, walked out of the house and toward the street. Both suspects were confrontational and refused repeated commands from deputies. Deputies warned them that K-9 Vader could be used. Green stood between Anglero-Wyrick and deputies, which prevented them from safely arresting him. Deputies continued to give commands to try to safely detain both suspects, including telling Anglero-Wyrick to crawl towards them. Both suspects continued to yell expletives and refuse commands.

Anglero-Wyrick then pushed the woman aside and took several steps towards deputies, still yelling expletives. At the same time, two more people came out of the house and towards the scene and started yelling at deputies.

Deputies grabbed Green and pulled her away from Anglero-Wyrick, then he started to head toward the house. One deputy used his Taser while another deputy simultaneously released K-9 Vader. The first deputy saw Vader being released and deactivated his Taser before Vader bit Anglero-Wyrick. Vader bit him on the right leg but he continued to kick with his left leg. After a struggle, deputies were ultimately able to handcuff Anglero-Wyrick. Emergency medical personnel were immediately brought in to treat him.

Green fought deputies when they pulled her away from Anglero-Wyrick, trying to escape and refusing to be handcuffed. They were ultimately able to handcuff her and put her in a patrol car while she was yelling and physically resisting. Deputies searched the house and car but did not find a gun.

Anglero-Wyrick was arrested for felony violation of parole and felony resisting arrest. He was taken to the hospital for his injuries and has since posted $5,000 bail. Green was arrested for misdemeanor battery on a peace officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest. To keep staff and inmates as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic, Green was booked and released on a citation to appear in court.

— Sonoma County Sheriff’s Nixle

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[censored][censored] could you please tell me what this felon was doing wrong and why his past has anything to do with his visit from Sonoma counties biggest gang??

Why were they unable to withdraw the dog? Why didn’t the dog handler carry a break stick? Why wasn’t the dog tased when he refused to release an unarmed innocent man?

The way you titled this article is misleading. A more appropriate title would be, Sonoma Police attack unarmed man after domestic disturbance call. You should be ashamed of yourself Sonoma west. This family was attacked by the Sonoma Co. sheriffs Dept.

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