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Russian River residents turned out in force last week for a hearing on a proposal to truck Occidental’s sewage to Guerneville for disposal.

A full house of concerned river residents admonished the Sonoma County Water Agency last week over plans to truck the town of Occidental’s sewage to Guerneville for treatment and disposal.

Her neighborhood is “prepared to do anything necessary to stop this absurd idea,” said Guerneville resident Susan Packer, who owns vacation rental property adjacent to the transfer site.

With Occidental’s sewage set to be trucked daily to a pumping station on Riverside Drive, where ongoing problems include odors and recent collection system overflows during Russian River flooding, “you certainly can’t handle any increase,” in sewage coming into the pump station, said Packer.

Neighbors organized as the West Guernewood Action Group agree the transfer project is “incompatible and ill-considered” and are talking to an attorney, Noreen Evans, to represent them in opposition to the project, said Packer.

The united crowd of more than 100 people packed into the Monte Rio Community Center last week had little good to say about the project that would help the town of Occidental meet a state-imposed deadline to bring its sewage disposal methods up to code and avoid fines that could hit $10,000 per day. Occidental’s compliance deadline is Jan 1., 2018, said Sonoma County Water Agency Deputy Chief Engineer Cordel Stillman.

“We know there are some issues” with trucking the town’s sewage to Guernewood Park, where it would then be piped under the Russian River to the Russian River Sanitation District’s sewage treatment plant on Neeley Road, said Stillman at last week’s public hearing hosted by the water agency. The trucking project was hammered out during talks in Occidental last year when Occidental residents rejected a water recycling plan there because of the prohibitive cost.

Trucking the sewage to Guerneville was seen as a stopgap measure that would give Occidental ”breathing room” until a more permanent solution is found, said Stillman.

The meeting in the Monte Rio Community Center was the first real public forum for river residents to weigh in on the transfer plan that was hatched last year as a way to solve Occidental’s inability to find an affordable sewage disposal plan so that the town’s wastewater does not pollute Dutch Bill Creek.

Several Guerneville residents wondered what benefits the sewage transfer project holds for Guerneville. For river residents to support the transfer plan, “It should be wonderful for us,” said Mark Pedroia, whose family owns property in Guernewood Park.

One Occidental resident, Steven Easter, said it was never Occidental’s intention to shift its disposal problems onto neighbors. “We have no desire to inflict our problems on someone else,” said Easter. “It sounds like this solution [Guernewood Park] is not workable.”

Public comment on the project’s environmental document, called the Initial Study and Negative Declaration, will be accepted through this Friday, Feb. 24, said Sonoma County Water Agency spokeswoman Ann DuBay. After the deadline, water agency staffers will look at the comments and determine whether the environmental review has been adequate or needs more work. “It could take a few months” before the environmental review is complete, said DuBay.

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Dee Atkinson

The Sonoma Co. Wtr Agency has had years to work this out! Good, cost effective alternative systems proposed by Peter Lescure and Ann Maurice over 4 years ago have all been rejected by the SCWA in favor of either piping or trucking to Guerneville. Not even giving the alternatives any consideration!!!


I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it seems to me the acronym for the West Guernewood Action Group is WeGAG. Apropos for the situation I think


Ya'll know the term "River Rats" is considered offensive, right?


Frank is one of the originals though. That's like telling African Americans they can't call each other the "N" word.

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