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George A. Palma, a 32-year-old Sebastopol man died Mon., Jan. 4 in a four-vehicle crash on SR-12, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

A CHP press release stated Santa Rosa area CHP officers responded to the incident west of Merced Avenue at about 8:23 a.m.

The initial investigation found that Palma lost control of his Toyota Matrix while driving eastbound on SR-12 and veered into the opposite lane, hitting the left side of a Ford Transit van headed west on SR-12, the press release said.

The Ford then struck the eastbound Acura RDX behind the Toyota and the Toyota then hit a westbound Chevrolet box truck behind the Ford head-on, leading the box truck to flip onto its roof, according to the CHP.

The report Palma was pronounced dead at the scene, while the box truck driver, 24-year-old Kazuhiro Hayashida of Santa Rosa, endured major, but not life-threatening injuries.

The Ford driver, 26-year-old David Cortez of Santa Rosa, had moderate injuries and the Acura driver, 20-year-old Marissa Pendleton of Sebastopol sustained minor injuries and did not receive transportation to a hospital, the press release said.

The Santa Rosa CHP Office will take any information about the incident at 707-588-1400, the press release said.

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Really disgusting this guy driving so irresponsibly that he went across the double yellow into oncoming traffic where the speed limit is 50 and people often drive well over that. I live but about a block from this location, Hwy 12 and Merced, and this is the second fatal crash in about 2 months. The previous one, a female driving a Honda was killed, and the other vehicle was, I think, Ford pickup. Some crashes here are people on this highway trying to make a left onto the side street, Merced, when there is heavy traffic, but most are just head-on due to reckless driving and crossing the center line.


That section of 12 is way too dangerous. It needs to have a divider installed or the speed limit needs to be reduced to 45.

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