Fast Freddie Gas Station

Fast Freddie Gas Station icon, the sign that didn’t find a home in Sebastopol.  This is a Sonoma West Times photo of a Cotati Freddie Fast Gas Station in 1970.

February 1921

New chime clock rings out the hour

The First National Bank has installed a clock that performs the duty of a town clock.  It is located on the corner of the bank building and can be seen from four different directions.  The chimes duplicate the tone and music of the famous Westminster timepiece, of England.  The clock is a large one and can easily be seen a full block away.  At night it is illuminated by electric lights.  It is regulated from the interior of the bank by a master clock which automatically shuts the chimes off at night and turns them on again early in the morning, the clock, however, goes on forever.  The clock is an everlasting advertisement for the bank and bank President Monroe says his institution will be known as “the bank with the chimes.”

February 1946

Two new stores open here

Larry Wellisch and his wife, Lesley, are opening their record shop officially today.  Under the name of the Melody Record Shop, they are occupying a portion of the store of O’Leary and Gluyas at 149 North Main St.  The second retail store to open this week will be Tomei’s on Santa Rosa Ave.  Tomei’s will handle a large line of household wares and appliances as well as sporting goods of all types.

February 1971

Freddie Fast Gas finds home

For the past few months Freddie Fast Gas, a Douglas Oil company, has been through the wringer here in Sebastopol.  Their plans to put a self-serve gas station at 1080 Gravenstein Hwy South have run into many hurdles which have now been resolved.  Their original application to the City Planning Dept, laid out the vision of a red and white building with back-lights of high illumination and included a 17’ tall freckle-faced boy holding a 6’ sign advertising gas prices.  The building design did not comply with the City’s plans, plus a 120’ of frontage is required and it forbids self-service or coin-operated stations in the city limits.  Douglas Oil Company had its work cut out.  While the property was just outside the city limits, they would also be required to hook up to city water and be annexed into the city and thus subject to City ordinances.  The Douglas Oil Company’s final permit application resolved all of the City and County requirements and the building began.  (this is the same site of today's Sebastopol Fast Gas.)

February 2021 — West County Museum happenings

Your West County Museum is pleased to announce that our collection of 67 audio recordings, better known as oral histories, are now online and can be heard in all their splendor. Here are the links: and  Many topics are discussed including the P&SR Railroad, local agriculture, businesses come and gone, 1906 earthquake, schools and  Burbank Experiment Farm.

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Rocketship XM

Re: Bank with chimes. We can use a lot more of this and the people who created it. Such pleasant things used to signify who we were. We might not have reached where we are now, i.e., descending culturally, if it were not for such high-point niceties that used to be commonplace. History is THE teacher. So, let's stop erasing it, less we forget the sonorous beauty of the chimes.

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