The electoral process

Students in the Healdsburg Charter School kindergarten sort balloits on Tuesday morning.

After a thorough and friendly election process, students at Healdsburg Elementary and Healdsburg Charter School voted Tuesday, and elected Froggy, the title character from Jonathan  London’s books, as president.

Froggy, known for his starring role in the book, “Froggy Gets Dressed,” had a campaign platform of more trash cans at school, non-slip mats on the school steps and a canned food drive for the needy.

Anna, a character from the film “Frozen,” was the other candidate, and lost by only 10 votes. The total was 147 votes for Froggy and 137 for Anna.

The election was managed by two kindergarten classes in the charter school. Teachers Erin Ryan and Emily Peterson coached their students on the democratic process.

“They had a primary election first, which included Batman, Iron Man and Luke Skywalker,” said Ryan on Tuesday. “The students came up with campaign points, they made posters and spokespersons for each candidate made speeches.”

On Tuesday, groups of kindergarten students collected ballots in the school office and classrooms, saying “Thank you for voting” in unison at each stop.

Back in class, they grouped ballots into rows of 10 and double-counted each group.

Ryan and Peterson talked to the students about what it means to win and to lose. “What happens when your candidate wins? Use your empathy tool and think about how you would want someone to talk to you,” Ryan said.

“Tell them ‘good game,’” said a student. “Shake hands,” said another.

“Sometimes your candidate wins and sometimes they lose; it depends on math,” said a student.

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