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No cases of transmission to patients found

Contact tracing and the testing of 287 Healdsburg District Hospital health care employees this week confirmed that the hospital had a total of 14 positive COVID-19 cases during the period of Sept. 27 to Oct. 28.

Of the 287 staff members who were tested on Monday only one person tested positive. The hospital currently has 324 employees.

The hospital previously thought they had 12 cases as of Oct. 26, however, a discovered earlier case from September and the addition of the new positive from this week’s testing gives a total of 14 cases.

Additionally, findings confirm that at least one of the recent cases was contracted between colleagues who work closely together and socialize on breaks.

No cases of transmission to patients were found, according to a hospital press release from Healdsburg District Hospital spokeswoman Gina Fabiano.

“We tested 287 employees, which includes nearly everyone who has been working in the last few weeks. There is a small number of employees who are out of town that we will pick up in subsequent tests upon their return. Part of what we have discovered from Monday’s testing is that we have only one new positive who was sent home and is in isolation,” said Healdsburg District Hospital Chief Executive Officer Jim Schuessler. 

Schuessler said the hospital will be testing hospital health care workers again on Oct. 30 to determine if there are any additional positive cases that they may have missed in the first round of testing.

“We are reporting what we have learned through this process and are consulting with the health department on an ongoing basis and together, will make a decision on when we should conduct a third test. Our facility is taking every measure to keep patients safe and the fact that we have zero transmissions from staff to patients is evidence that our safety protocols are working,” Schuessler said.

The hospital has been working with the Sonoma County Department of Public Health to set up a communications process with its patients.

Patients who may have been in contact with positive health care workers will receive a call from the health department asking about symptoms and offering testing.

The hospital is reminding folks that while hospital staff and healthcare workers are doing everything they can to keep patients safe, they cannot do it alone.

COVID testing, mask wearing and social distancing is highly encouraged to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Pop up testing around the county is available and encouraged. Visitwww.socoemergency.org or call 707-565-4667 to make an appointment for a test at a location in your area.

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