David Kiff

David Kiff

Editor's note: The county press release announcing David Kiff's appointment to the interim CDC role incorrectly identified Kiff as the manager of a housing project that was developed for the city of Newport Beach. Kiff was the city manager for the city of Newport Beach during the development, not the project manager. 

Healdsburg’s former interim city manager David Kiff has been named the interim executive director of the Sonoma County Community Development Commission (CDC).

The county announced the new appointment — which will now go to the board of commissioners of the CDC for approval on June 8 — on May 28.

If approved, Kiff will take on the role starting July 1.

Currently, Kiff is the interim city manager for the city of Sonoma. He served as the interim city manager for Healdsburg from July 2020 to January 2021.

“David has a wealth of government experience, particularly in addressing the areas of housing and homelessness, and we are fortunate to have him fill this critical position,” County Administrator Sheryl Bratton said in a statement.

Over the years, Kiff has overseen multiple local, state and federal housing programs including for the city of Newport Beach where he managed the city’s first permanent supportive housing project for chronically homeless veterans.

Kiff later became the president of the Orange County City Managers Association and a member of the Orange County Commission to End Homelessness. He also later served as the interim city manager for the city of Huntington Beach.

As interim director of the CDC, Kiff will direct and coordinate Sonoma County’s affordable housing, homelessness, redevelopment and community development programs, as well as all operations of the Sonoma County Community Development Commission, Housing Authority, and Redevelopment Agency. 

He will oversee and direct program compliance reviews and analyze performance outcome measures to measure program effectiveness.

His role will also include working with local groups and government agencies in assessing affordable housing and homelessness to meet community development needs.

“This is an exciting but challenging opportunity to work with the great staff at the CDC, the Continuum of Care Board, the county and with our cities, as we all try to improve our region’s system relating to affordable housing, homelessness and making great neighborhoods,” Kiff said in a statement. “There is so much going on in these fields across California. This is a time when great progress can be made in Sonoma County with the good people already involved. I’m so happy to be a part of that effort.”

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