Swimmers, Mermaids Paradise, Camp Rose, 1915

Swimmers, Mermaids Paradise, Camp Rose, 1915

The following snippets of history are drawn from the pages of the Healdsburg Tribune, the Healdsburg Enterprise and the Sotoyome Scimitar, and are prepared by the volunteers at the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society. Admission is always free at the museum, open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

100 years ago - March 10, 1921

Loose hound dogs soon to be gathered in by city

Healdsburg’s various and sundry mongrel dogs are due for a cleaning, according to the intention of City Marshal Mason, who finds hundreds of loose animals around town getting not only on the nerves of the average person, but his own as well. Just as soon as the weather permits, a pound will be erected, and a dog catcher appointed. All the animals found running around without a license tag on them will be caught, and those kept four days without being called for will be disposed of in manner calculated to keep them off the streets and property of the city's citizens. A license tax on dogs has been on the ordinance books or the city for some time. A pound master ought to make pretty good money for a few weeks cleaning up the hounds of Healdsburg.

50 years ago – March 11, 1971

Camp Rose plans Memorial Day opening

The Sonoma County Planning Commission last week approved the rezoning of Camp Rose to allow for the reopening of the Camp Rose Store. The store has been leased by attorney William M. Johnson and Ben Salvon, both of Healdsburg, who hope to have it opened by Memorial Day. The two want to obtain an on-sale beer and wine license in addition to having quick foods and a minimum inventory of food staples for resale. Although Johnson and Salvon filed for the K (recreational) District zoning for only the store and summer home property itself, the county planning staff recommended including the Camp Rose Beach and two other parcels included so it would not be a “spot zone”. Camp Rose residents were against that move since it could open the way to allowing canoes to land there and that they certainly didn’t want. A crowd estimated at nearly 100 residents appeared before the planners to object to including the beach area in the rezone and the planners agreed with them.

25 years ago – March 13, 1996

Community to renovate Alexander Valley hall

The historic Alexander Valley Community Hall, site of hundreds of Saturday night dances, seven decades of Fourth of July celebrations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and agricultural events, is likely to receive a major renovation in the near future. Two long-time valley vineyard owners, Robert Young and Russell Green, are heading up a fund-raising campaign to restore the landmark meeting place. “The hall has a lot of valuable history in it and the great thing is that the families of many of the founders are still here,” Green says. The goal is to raise $400,000 by this summer so that the project can begin. Pledges from families, vineyards and wineries in the valley already total $315,000.

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