Entrance to Villa Chantecler

Entrance to Villa Chantecler

100 years ago – May 12, 1921

Well-known singer here for vacation

After an absence of almost a year in Italy, all of which was devoted to the furtherance of his career, Enrico Passalacqua, noted tenor, has returned to Healdsburg, and will remain here for a rest of two or three months with relatives. Mr. Passalacqua is connected with one of the leading operatic companies of the world, which maintains theaters in South America and Cuba, as well as in this country. He is not certain where he will go for his next engagement, as he may either be sent to Havana or to a South American country.

50 years ago – May 13, 1971


There is strong argument to change the name of Powell Avenue to Chantecler Way on the basis of the fact that with such a name it would be easier to find the Villa Chantecler. Visitors have had extreme difficulty in locating the Villa, but if told to turn off on Chantecler Way they could follow a street right to the site. Possibly even more of a problem to the cause of good planning is the existence of three streets using the name Powell. There is still another factor that doesn’t exist now but will in the near future. The name “Chantecler” has been used in a tentative, preliminary way for the name of the street that will someday run along the south side of the hospital, from Healdsburg Ave. to the river. If the name should ever become permanent, it is inevitable that many visitors will be turning off on “Chantecler Way” with the expectation of finding the Villa Chantecler at the end of the street.

25 years ago – May 15, 1996

Oakville Grocery to locate in old City Hall building

Oakville Grocery is coming to City Hall. The upscale food store and deli will move into offices vacated by City workers early next year, according to building owner Bill Wheeler. The grocery will occupy 1/3 of the nearly 9,000 square-foot building, and six shops and offices will be carved into the remaining space, the old Police Station. The Oakville Grocery chain, owned by Napa Vintner Joseph Phelps, originated in an Oakville store built in 1880. It now has branches in the Stanford Shopping Center and downtown Walnut Creek, and has bought out the popular Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur. Oakville Grocery has been trying to find a suitable Healdsburg location for years. The old city hall building has the Plaza location, outdoor visibility and seating possibilities, and dedicated parking in back.


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