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On May 21, the town of Windsor, in collaboration with the county of Sonoma, updated its evacuation zones for more efficient evacuations. To look up your evacuation zone by address or to view evacuation zone maps, visit

The town’s updated evacuation maps feature more refined evacuation zone areas. This was done to:

• Provide flexibility in evacuations for different emergency situations.

• Allows more orderly re-population when people return after an emergency

• Allows the Windsor Police Department to be more strategic in conducting evacuations.

Thus, the town has released an Evacuation Zone Map for informational purposes.

“Find your zone, write it down, screenshot it, or save it in your memory, so you can reference it and be ready if-and-when the time comes. Please be aware that alert messages issued in an evacuation situation may also reference geographic boundaries, streets or landmarks,” the town said in a statement.

The evacuation zone address lookup tool with exit routes can be found here.

There is also a large scale town-wide evacuation zone map (with streets and addresses shown). Click here. A smaller scale printable townwide evacuation zone map with streets only is available here.

Basic Evacuation Tips

• There will not be one pre-designated route because there are so many variables that may make a route viable or not.

• The best thing to do is to have multiple routes out of town from your home in different directions.

• Practice those routes today so that if-and-when the time comes to evacuate, you’re less under pressure.

Prepare to Evacuate Videos

Watch a 3-minute video to watch critical evacuation information from County of Sonoma Sheriff Essick and CalFIRE Unit Chief Shana Jones.



You can also watch a 2-minute video of Chris Godley, the director of the County of Sonoma Department of Emergency Management, provide information regarding Evacuation Warnings versus Evacuation Orders, and the importance of heeding this critical information when you receive it. 

To receive emergency alerts go here: 

Should there be mandatory evacuation orders and evacuation warnings, they will be found here:  

If you need evacuation assistance go here: 

This map shows the areas where evacuation advisories have been issued: 

For general assistance go to: 

If you need information on how to prepare and be ready for wildfire events go to: 

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