In a written response to the recall effort against him, Windsor’s at-large mayor Dominic Foppoli continues to maintain his innocence and alludes to campaign to “tear him down.”

The letter, dated May 5 and posted on the town’s website, starts with Foppoli discussing his accomplishments as mayor and calling his three-year time in the top spot as the “most meaningful time of my professional life.”

He then fires a shot across the bow at the recall effort, claiming “it is being run by a small group of obstructive individuals who have wanted to push me out of office since I was first elected and are using the unfounded allegations as a means to (accomplish) their goals.”

“This group and their website was formed the week I was elected mayor, long before any of the current accusations were made,” the letter continues. “This is a well-funded political takedown with no concern for the truth.”

The letter closes by asking residents to “let the justice system do its job before signing the recall petition,” and stating the money required for the effort could have gone to other projects. It is signed, “Your Mayor.”

See the full text of the letter here.

The tone of the letter is similar to other responses from Foppoli since the allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple women, including fellow councilmember Esther Lemus. In his first statement in response to the allegations, he maintained his innocence and pointed the finger at Lemus, alleging that she had forced him into sexual contact.

The Times attempted to verify the official start date of the Recall Foppoli website, but neither a viewing of the source code nor a search using a Google “inurl” search revealed a date of publication. When using the WaybackMachine archive search, it shows the start date of April 11, 2021, though if the address had not been accessed frequently prior to that date, it would not have appeared in the archive, which records sites based on use and popularity. The CarbonDating app was also unable to find any start date for the website.

The Recall Dominic Foppoli Facebook page was created Nov. 4, 2020, the day Foppoli was elected at-large mayor. According to Facebook, “the person or group responsible for the page hasn’t completed our verification process yet.”

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