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The May 18 meeting of the Windsor Unified School District Board of Trustees will feature a lot of housekeeping items as the school year comes to a close.

The meeting will start with the 2021 retirees being acknowledged by HR director Chris Canelake and the board, in the “Celebrating Success” portion of the meeting.

The first item will be a presentation MimiDene Williams of Williams and Associates on maximizing state reimbursement from the State Facilities program for construction projects throughout the district. Reimbursement has recently been received for project sat both Brooks Elementary and North Bay Met Academy, according to the agenda, and future projects eligible for reimbursement are the portable replacement projects at both Cali Calmecac and Mattie Washburn.

Williams will be back at the end of the meeting to get a resolution approved in order for the district to submit an application for funding through the "Applications Received Beyond Bond Authority List.” 

According to the agenda, “the State Facility Funding Program of California provides opportunity for school districts to receive funding support for construction and/or modernization based on set criteria. The funding is available based on Bond Authority within the program authorized by the voters of California. Currently, all authorized funding has been exhausted but districts can still apply with the expectation that future authorization will be granted however, there is no guarantee that there will be an opportunity for funding.”

Amy Whiteley, Windsor High School’s leadership teacher, will be providing the annual update on co-curricular activities at the high school. “In an effort to keep the board and community apprised of programs and opportunities for high school students to participate in co-curricular activities), Windsor High School provides an annual report. This report outlines the array of co-curricular programs (programs associated with curriculum offered during instructional time), offered at Windsor High School. Additionally, it provides data on student eligibility and participation rates,” according to the agenda.  

Superintendent Jeremy Decker will also be bringing forward a conversations on the role and responsibilities of the student board member.   

There will be a pair of resolutions meant to recognize the contributions of various employee groups, including a resolution 2021-20 declaring the week of May 16, 2021, as Classified Employees Week and a resolution declaring May 4, 2021 as Day Of The Teacher. These items will be presented by Superintendent Decker.

There will also be a single subject credential waiver brought forward for approval. According to the agenda, “Education Code 44263 allows for a single subject credentialed teacher to be assigned with his or her consent, to teach a single subject class in which he or she has 18 semester hours of coursework or nine semester hours of upper division or graduate coursework. For the assignment to take place, the Ed Code requires the governing board of the school district by resolution to provide specific authorization for the assignment. The authorization of the governing board shall remain valid for one year and may be renewed annually.”

The next meeting of the Windsor Unified School District Board will take place at 6 p.m. on May 18. This meeting will be held via Zoom and streamed live to YouTube  at:


To make a public comment email Jen Cox  at jcox@wusd.org by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, and she will send you the Zoom link.  

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