The alternative high schools of Windsor — North Bay Met Academy (NMB) and Windsor Oaks Academy (WOA) — celebrated their 2021 graduates with an in-person ceremony in their quad on June 3.

Graduates were welcomed in English by principal Forrest Harper and in Spanish by student Meredith Merino. There were a pair of student speakers, Nellie Sedeño representing Windsor Oaks Academy and Olivia Dunaway representing North Bay Met Academy Speech, but the big ticket item of the ceremony is the presentation of scholarships to students.

Students who find their way into the programs at NBM and WOA have struggled in a traditional environment, but the graduation shows that all students can be successful.

“We should not be defined by our struggles, but by the strength it took to learn from them and grow,” said Sedeño in her speech.

“I hope you all reach your version of success,” said Dunaway in hers.

Five entities provided scholarships to graduates, including:

Kiwanis of Windsor

  • Manny Lopez (NBMA)
  • Antonio Zamudio (NBMA)
  • Natalie Nava (WOA)

Windsor Education Foundation

  • Austin Axthelm (NBMA)
  • Antonio Zamudio (NBMA)

SCOE Board Alternative Education Scholarship

  • Natalie Nava  (WOA)
  • Antonio Zamudio  (NBMA)

Dr. Ken Moulton Alternative Education Scholarship

  • Natalie Nava  (WOA)

Frank P Doyle Scholarship for the Santa Rosa Junior College

  • Delaney McFadin (NBMA)
  • Bryan Mendez (WOA)

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